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Queen Rowling Has Done It Again.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which one of my friends apparently was until an hour ago) then you know about the new Harry Potter play, The Cursed Child, which takes place 19 years later and focuses on Albus Potter. Now, when I found out about it, I was very sad because the chances of me being able to go watch it aren’t that high but I reconciled myself with that fact early on.

So, I was on twitter earlier when I feel on this:

At first I couldn’t actually process what I was reading. What did they mean there was a new Harry Potter book? Was this a joke? And then it actually sunk in.

WE’RE GETTING A NEW HARRY POTTER STORY GUYS! ONE THAT’S NOT JUST GOING TO BE AVAILABLE TO THE PEOPLE WHO WILL GO WATCH THE PLAY! I am so incredibly excited for this, I can barely string two words together to express how I feel about this new but I knew I had to share this news.

While some people might say it’s not actually a new book, rather just the written version of the play, I honestly couldn’t care less and a play allows for another, more visual type of story. Will some elements be lost? Absolutely,there’s no doubt about that, but a script book also allows its readers to have access to other information that the people who simply watch the play won’t have (which is only worth mentioning because us Potterheads tend to analyse every little word), and I’m hoping they’ll decide to film the play (which, let’s face it, should an obvious thing to do considering the shear size of the fandom) in which case nothing will be lost.

I just had to share this wonderful news (on top of finding a place to fangirl properly) for all the HP fans out there who might have missed the information!




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