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I was tagged to do this by Paige @ The Wild Readers (who also created this tag btw) a few weeks ago and I finally got around to doing it now. I don’t usually associate songs with books so I had a lot of fun coming up with this list!


  1. Post some song that is in your playlist (or any music that you like) and the singer. Write how the song reminds you of that particular book.
  2.  Nominate your friends and let them know that you tagged them.
  3.  Please don’t change the photo in this tag. Thank you loves.

I feel like I should apologise in advance because some of the songs I have are an acquired taste (*cough* The Bus Is Late by Satellite High *cough*) but, to make this more fun, I’ll set my iPod to random and go with the first 15 songs. Here we go then:

  • Broken Parts by Måns Zelmerlöw: a book about a character’s desire to turn a new page after they screwed up

I love this song, it’s one of my favourite songs at the moment but I do hate the book I’m pairing this with: Manon Lescaut by Abbé Prévost. I had to read this for school a few years back and Manon (the love interest) is such a mess. She’s all over the place, she keeps hurting the MC (I don’t even remember his name, I know he was a knight though) and then she begs him to take her back, which he does, because he’s not the brightest man.

  • Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde: A book where a character stops meeting everyone’s expectations in order to go their own way

I was going to say The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins BUT it was part of the Mockingjay: Part 1 soundtrack so I’ll choose something else

I’ve read a lot of books that fit this description but the best one amongst them is definitely The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke, because Ananna just constantly sticks it to everyone and their mothers, which I love about her.

  • Autumn leaves by Ed Sheeran: a book with grief in it

You know what I’m going to say don’t you?

[This is going to be slightly spoilery but not really. If you don’t know the ending of the Iliad, haven’t seen Troy, don’t know about Patroclus and Achilles, and plan on reading The Song of Achilles, do skip this]

Achilles’ grief over Patroclus’ death in The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller is absolutely heartwrenching. It’s beautifully written, it had me sobbing for hours (I’m even tearing up now just thinking of it actually) and it’s one of the most potent descriptions of grief that I’ve ever read.

  • So by Ed Sheeran: A song about a character who didn’t confess their feelings until it was too late

This song makes me think of how Glisselda from Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina series (which is fantastic and everyone should read) revealed her feelings to a character who was already in love with someone else.

  • The Legend of the Lamp from the Aladdin Soundtrack: a book where an object changed a character’s life

I almost skipped this one because it’s hard to find a general meaning behind a song written for a very specific thing HOWEVER, going by the last few lyrics in the song, I managed it: Finding the magical conduit in Snow like Ashes by Sara Raasch pretty much reshaped Meira’s entire life up to that point and it also led to revelations that made her question who she is.

  • Best for Last by Adele: a book with a couple where one of the characters is serious about their relationship while the other views it as a fling

This is hard, remind me again why I didn’t just pick the songs myself?

I HAVE FOUND ONE, but there are spoilers so skip if you don’t want one of Zoey’s relationships in the House of Night series by P. C. and Kristin Cast spoiled.

In Chosen, Zoey Rebbird (I think that’s her last name?) and her poetry teacher, Loren Blake start seeing each other, and she has sex with him which is a huge thing for her because it’s her first time so she’s absolutely enamoured by him while he doesn’t really care, in fact he does it to humiliate her (if I remember well, it could be something else but basically he’s a dick and he betrays her).

  • Casual Affair by Panic! at the Disco: A song about a forbidden love triangle OR a song about a forbidden affair (the opinions are divided on what this song means)

The divided opinions on this song allows me to choose two books, yay!

A book with a forbidden love triangle would be The Ring and the Crown by Melissa de la Cruz where you’ve got the Princess-who’s-betrothed-falls-in-love-with-her-guard situation.

A book with a forbidden affair is Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard which features a student-professor relationship.

  • The Room Where is Happens from the Hamilton Soundtrack: A book where the question of how history is recorded, arises

Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine was made for this song, I can’t think of any other book that fits this song better.


  • Teenagers by My Chemical Romance: A book where teenagers are rejected by society

Is there really any other choice besides Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix? It’s all about how the Ministry of Magic controls the media to project a false image of Harry when he’s only just 15 because they’re afraid of him.

  • She’s Kinda Hot by 5 Seconds of Summer: A book about being different and accepting that fact.

A few books actually came to mind for that would fit this description, and none quite so lighthearted as the song, but I eventually settled on The Archer’s Heart by Astrid Amara (which doesn’t get nearly enough recognition) because one of the characters come to terms with his sexuality in a theocratic society that punishes that sort of thing severely.

  • 7 years by Lukas Graham: A book about growing up in a utopian community

This is one of my new favourite songs, which is why I don’t like the book I’m pairing it with but it can’t be helped: The world Ally Condie created in Matched has the hallmarks of a utopian society: it appears perfect while being deeply flawed which leads to its demise (at least I assume it does, I haven’t finished the series, nor do I intend to).

  • I’m In Love With a Monster by Fifth Harmony: A book about a romance involving a monster/villain

Since Darklina isn’t canon (at least that’s the vibes I’m getting from all the Darklina shippers that have actually finished the series) I’ll go with Carry On by Rainbow Rowell because Baz is the biggest drama queen when it comes to how he feels about himself, and won’t shut up about it once the whole thing comes out.

  • Don’t by Ed Sheeran: A book where a character betrays another character for romantic reasons

I laughed myself silly when I considered putting My Immortal because Ebony/Enoby feels betrayed after she learns that Draco and Vampire had been in a relationship, and she accuses him of cheating (the whole scene is hilarious, I highly recommend it if you’re having a bad day) but there’s no actual betrayal so I’ll say A Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman because of the rift that arises between Alexander and Hephaestion.

  • Bang My Head by David Guetta ft. Sia and Fetty Wap: A book about overcoming the difficulties in life

Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings by Helene Boudreau doesn’t exactly match the song, per se, because the tone of each is very different but this song feels like it would go well with a contemporary read and I’ve really only read one such book.

  • Roots by Imagine Dragons: A book about a character finding themselves by letting their roots guide them

I didn’t like reading Creature of Moonlight by Rebecca Hahn but I can think of no better book because the main character really does find herself and her place in the world by exploring her heritage.



This wasn’t nearly as hard as I though it would be and it was really fun to do!

I tag:

Kat @ Book Box By Kat

Michelle @ The Writting Hufflepuff

Nisha @ Bookalicious Blogs

Kelly @ Kelly’s Rambles

Lisa @ Remarkably Lisa

Carolina @ My Fictional World

Poulami @ Daydreaming Books

And, of course, anyone else who wants to do it! Go on, I tag you! 🙂




17 thoughts on “The Playlist Book Tag

    1. I had such fun doing, it was really my pleasure to do it! Ink and Bone was definitely one of my favourites too and so is Assassin’s Curse, eveb though it’s been years since I read it (I should probably reread it actually).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I felt the exact same way about the ending and I would love to read more about them!
        Do you mean the one with the butterfly? (That’s the one I found on google) I love what they’ve done with it but I prefer the blue one more.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ohh you meant the sequel, I thiught you meant the other cover of Ink and Bone (I think it’s the UK one? I might be wrong though). Yeah I love and it fits very nicely with the first book as kind of a continuation. I really hope the story matches the fiery cover!

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