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Series I Will Not Finish #1

I recently saw Kiwi’s post on the series she wouldn’t finish, followed by Paige’s post a few days later, and thought I’d do one for myself! While I was going through the books I’ve read, however, I came up with about 60 series I’m not planning to finish, so this is the first post in a six part series:

Assassin’s heart by Sarah Ahiers


I was rather disappointed by this book, in all its aspects, and I don’t understand why it’s a series because this first book wrapped up all loose ends as far as I could tell.

Emily Windsnap series by Liza Kessler

I loved this series when I was younger, but the books don’t quite hold the same appeal to me now, so I won’t be reading the last two books in the series.

The Ring and the Crown series by Melissa De  La Cruz


I enjoyed the first half of The Ring and the Crown a lot, but after that, the plot was poorly executed, some characters, which were given their own POVs, were unnecessary (Aelwyn literally does nothing other than to be a stand in for the princess when she needs it), the pacing was weird, and the ending just came out of nowhere. I was wholly unsatisfied by this book, which is a shame because I honestly like Melissa De La Cruz’s books.

The Secret Order series by Kristin Baley

Legacy of the Clockwork Key fell flat for me and I’ve read number of books like this so the plot felt predictable.

The Hundred by Kass Morgan

I read the first book in the series after watching the tv adaptation and I didn’t like the direction the book went into (I’m really glad of the changes in the adaptation because they make the story much better)

Alex Wayfare series by M. G. Buehrlen 

I read A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Grey right after I read The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare and, between the two, I preferred the first much more so I won’t be picking up the sequel any time soon.

Masks of Aygrima by E. C. Blake

I liked Masks, I really did when I first read it, but now I don’t feel like getting back into that world to finish the series.

Into the Dark series by Bree Despain

There weren’t many original elements in The Shadow Prince. While the plot was somewhat original, I felt like I’d read the story a hundred times over with the way it was executed so I quickly lost interest in the series, I’m surprised I even got to the end of the book actually.

Mythos Academy by Jennifer Estep

This is another case of ‘I used to love this series but had to wait too long between releases so I lost interest’. I read Crimson  Frost (the 4th book in the series) recently enough, and it was tedious to get through, so I’m not going to finish this one either.

The Selection by Kiera Cass

America Singer is one of the most whiny protagonists I’ve ever had the displeasure of encountering. I couldn’t get past The Elite but, from what I’ve gathered, America is very predictable in her choice and then the whole thing just happens all over again with her daughter in The Heir and The Crown. I’m not going to waste my time reading 5 books about The Bachelor set in a dystopian future.

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood wasn’t that captivating when I first read it (it kind of felt like one of Supernatural’s filler episodes to be honest) so I was never particularly inclined to finish the series.

And that’s the end of this first post! I won’t be finishing most of these series because I just lost interest in them.

Have you read (and finished) any of these? Should I reconsider not finishing them?




10 thoughts on “Series I Will Not Finish #1

    1. At least you lasted longer than I did with The Selection :P, I only got to The Elite. Honestly speaking, it wasn’t that hard of a decision for me to drop those two series, bu I do have a number of others that make me hesitate before writing them off. The eternal dilemma is: What if the next book blows my mind away?

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    1. It was probably more of a ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ case with Anna Dressed in Blood, there was nothing wrong with the book itself, it just wasn’t that memorable, so it’s really disinterest that’s making me drop it. If you decide to pick it up, I hope you have a better experience.

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  1. I really loved the Emily Windsnap series when I was younger but I doubt I’ll read them any time soon. I do plan to finish the series though just for the sake of wondering how Kessler decides to end them. 😛 And oh gosh, I’ve heard such mixed opinions on The Selection series. I bought the first three books just to see what they’re like (and, not going to lie, the covers are absolutely gorgeous) ! But I’m sorry to hear America was that awful! :/

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    1. One of the main reason I don’t feel compelled to finish the Emily Windsnap series is the fact that the books end in a satisfying way. I mean sure there are openings to the next book but each could be self contained as is.
      Don’t just take my word on The Selection, I wasn’t a huge fan of the premise going into the books and America’s character only contributed to my dislike.

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