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Series I Will Not Finish #2

Today I bring you guys the second installment of my ‘Series I Will Not Finish’ posts (there are going to be 6, if you’re wondering) with most series here just being way too long finish at this point.

The Arkwell Academy by Mindee Arnett

The concept was interesting, I’d never heard of a Nightmare as a creature and it gave a positive spin to the word so I do remember quite a few elements from this book (I’m honestly impressed by this because my memory is so bad), but I couldn’t really connect to the characters, and the plot read like so many other books where the main character goes to a magical boarding school and has to solve a mystery that no ones talks about.

The Death Sworn series by Leah Cypress

I loved the first half of Death Sworn, it was fast paced, with a fantastic main character, intriguing setting, and an interesting plot. But then something went wrong; I felt like the second half (particularly towards the ending) was very confusing, with a rather unsatisfying ending. I’m still on the fence about this one, so it’s possible I revisit it in the future, but it’s unlikely for now.

The Vampire Diaries & TVD: The Return by L. J. Smith

While GR considers these books to belong to separate series, I consider them to be a single series, and I think it should’ve stopped at the 3rd book. As a trilogy, I would’ve really liked it but the fourth book is just plain weird (Elena makes out with people as a greeting without even warning them, I don’t remember much but that’s burned into my mind) and the fifth book has something that could turn into a hentai sort of situation real quick.

House of Night by Kristen and P. C. Cast

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There are very few series that can pull off more than 5 books, much less 12 books and this is not one of them.

The Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris

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There was no need for 13 books, none at all.

The Wondrous Strange series by Lesley Livingstone

Funny thing happened with this series, I read the first book and I thought there were only two books in the series so the next one I read was the third. As you’d expect, I was more than a little confused by events I just didn’t remember happening but I wasn’t all that interested in it so I got to the half way point before I stopped reading it.Now, fast forward to about a year later when I discovered that it was a trilogy and I had completely skipped the second book, but, at that point, I’d lost interest.

The Glass series by Maria V. Snyder

This is another case of me losing interest in the series even though I liked the first book well enough. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz

The premise for this series is fantastic (fallen angels as vampires? Sing me up!) but the execution focused too much on the romance over the actual plot so I was put off after the fourth book (which is ironic because apparently the plot really picks up after the 5th book but I’m not going back).

The Fallen series by Lauren Kate

I don’t think I can sit through another book of Luce and Daniel (I think?) angsting over each other and how, if they have an actual relationship, Luce will die. Ever heard of yolo?

The Tiger Saga by Colleen Houck

I sort of liked the first book but then never bothered to pick the next one up until months later when I realised that there were a number of issues I had with the series as a whole, so I couldn’t even get past the first 50 pages of the second book to actually get into the plot. Also overly possessive boyfriends piss me off.

Besides, I’ve heard that her new series, Reawakened, is basically The Tiger Saga set in Egypt and I’m already reading that (more out of morbid curiosity than anything, I assure you) so I think I’m covered as far as Houck’s books go, don’t you think?

Ever heard of the expression ‘flogging a dead horse’? Because it fits at least 5 series in this post.

Have you read (and finished) any of these? Should I reconsider not finishing them?


7 thoughts on “Series I Will Not Finish #2

    1. I commend you on sticking to it! To be honest, I fell behind after book 5 and, if I were to comolete it now I would have to start it from the very beginning and I’m okay with not doing that. Which was your favourite book?

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      1. I finished the HoN series previous year and have been reading the series for quite a few years, I pretty much liked all of them! In fact I didn’t want it to end even if it had 12 books! 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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