My Intimidating TBR Pile Tag

I was tagged to do this tag (created by Lindsey Rey over on booktube) Brittany @ The Grisha Lieutenant, so thanks for that! 😀

1. What book have you been unable to finish?

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Sally Green’s Half Bad, and some not so great things, but when I first read it I couldn’t get over the 2nd person narration and the sheer amount of abuse the MC goes through. I’ve been thinking of picking it back up because I’ve heard the first book gets much better once you get past the 100p mark.

2. What book do you have yet to read because you haven’t had the time?


I usually end up making time for books (usually by ignoring other things I have to do) so this doesn’t really apply to me but I’ve been wanting to read The Abyss Surrounds Us ever since it came out and I only got my hands on it last week.

3. What book have you not read because it’s a sequel?


Not so much a sequel as much as a spin-off series, I haven’t read Six of Crows yet because I want to finish the Grisha trilogy first (I have Ruin and Rising left).

4. What book have you not read because it’s brand new?


So Flamecaster only came out this week and I’m currently on a school trip to Brittany so I haven’t been able to pick it up yet.

5. Which book have not you read because you have read another book by the author that you did not like?


Reign of Shadows sounds A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and I was incredibly excited for it until I remembered Sophie Jordan also wrote the Firelight trilogy. I’m more reluctant to pick it up now but I still think I’ll give it a try at some point.

6. What book have you not read because you’re not in the mood for it?


I recently watched the trailer to Me Before You, after I saw literally everyone raving about it (but also Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke), and I decided I wanted to read the book before watching the film. However, I’m in the middle of reading The Mortal Instruments and I have frequent urges to strangle both Clary and Jace becauseof how they behave as a couple, so I want to just get away from that before going into Me Before You.

7. What book have you not read because it’s HUGE?

Unless a book is over 800 pages, I don’t put it off purely because of its length. At the moment, the longest book on my TBR shelf on Goodreads is Illuminae at 599 pages, but I haven’t gotten to it because I’ve heard the kindle version is less than ideal, so I’m waiting for my library to get the physical copy.

8. What book have you not read because it was a cover buy and had bad reviews?


The cover for Red Queen is beautiful, and the premise is intriguing too, but I’ve heard wayyyy too many negative reviews on both books currently out so I’m not inclined to pick it up any time soon.

9. What book have you not read because it’s the most intimidating book on your TBR pile?


The Throne of Glass series is So. Incredibly. Hyped. that I don’t even want to start the first one for fear of being disappointed (I’ve read a number of negative reviews about it actually so that only adds to my reluctance).

I tag everyone to do this! If you want to do this, go ahead and consider yourself tagged!


9 thoughts on “My Intimidating TBR Pile Tag

  1. I had a major problem with Half Bad too. I don’t particularly like the second person either but luckily it was only in the beginning and the rest of the book was written in first person. My biggest problem however was how slow the first half of the book was. I managed to push through it however, and luckily he second half was much more exciting than the first. And you should definitely read both Throne of Glass and Six of Crows. You might find the first book in Throne of Glass a bit rushed but the rest of the series is amazing and it totally deserves the hype. And you can definitely read Six of Crows before Ruin and Rising. I read it even before reading Shadow and Bone and there are no spoilers at all.

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    1. Every time I see great reviews for Half Bad and its sequels, I am tempted to pick it back up but then I remember my own experience reading it so I just put it off to later. I actually read Throne of Glass last week but I wasn’t really impressed as by it as everyone else seems to be so I don’t know if I’ll continue with the series. Ruin and Rising is the next book on my list and then I’ll finally get to Six of Crows.

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      1. Oh you should definitely continue with the Throne of Glass series! The first book was a bit rushed in my opinion and her Sarah’s writing was a bit sloppier then but Crown of Midnight was a huge improvement and the series only got better after that! Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows were both brilliant and after the plot twist in the end of Crown of Midnight you’ll definitely want to read on! I agree about Half Bad, I didn’t enjoy it that much either. And I was thinking about reading the second book but I’m not very inclined to do it at the moment.

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      2. I’m glad to know Throne of Glass gets better as the series progresses,because that first book was incredibly tedious to get through.
        The thing I’ve heard about Half Bad is that it gets better in the second book but I don’t really have the desire to read through more vivid descriptions of abuse done in a 2nd person narration, so I’m leaving that book for another day.

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  2. Don’t fear Throne of Glass! I was the same way when I finally picked up. The first book is really good and they just get better from there. I just finished Heir of Fire and it’s the best so far in my opinion. And you can read Six of Crows before you finish the Grisha series. There aren’t any spoilers and you’ve learned enough of the world to enjoy the story more. 🙂

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    1. I actually finished Throne of Glass last week and I didn’t really like it, not enough to pick up the next book immediately in any case. I’m planning on reading Ruin and Rising next before grtting to Six of Crows!

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