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Explaining My Slight Hiatus

As you may have noticed, I was somewhat inactive lately and that’s because I had a week-long class trip to Brittany (France) to study big rocks (like Stonehenge only less famous but still as impressive) and I am still recuperating a week later.

A tip I wish I’d known before: it is decidedly not a good idea to go hiking for 2h after having stayed up playing drinking games for 4h the night before…

So, basically I’d like to apologise for the short break and let you know that I’ll be back on track next week! I’d only planned to take a week off initially and schedules posts beforehand for that first week of April, but this week was quite hard on me since I had to juggle getting back into a normal schedule along with meeting all the deadlines I had (I mistakenly thought I’d be able to work during the trip. I honestly should’ve known better).

I’ll also be taking this weekend off since my last paper is due Monday, and after that I’m all yours! 😀

Is there anything major I missed these two weeks? Tell me about it!


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