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I’d like to thank Beth @ Reading Every Night for tagging me to do this!

The Night We Said Yes: A time you felt like you were on top of the world and could do anything

When I finally got my black belt in karate. That day was a mess; I’d forgotten my brown belt for the exam as well as my contact lenses (I don’t think the jury had ever seen someone take the exam with bright pink and green glasses, let me tell you), and I was more stressed than I’d ever felt in my life, but it all worked out. When my name was announced amongst those who had passed, I actually teared up a little.

Twilight: Describe a time you were irrationally in love with someone or something when you know you shouldn’t have been

(I could actually bring up my Twilight phase, but I won’t)
I’d never actually been in love up until I fell hard for a friend of mine who is very, very straight. Obviously that did not work out, and I also don’t recommend it to anyone because it fucking hurts.

Beautiful Disaster: A place or person that you can call home

My house in Greece because my family still lives there. Switzerland’s been great but it’s not quite home yet.

Fangirl: Talk about what you love most. Your favourite things, people, books whatever

This could go on forever so I’ll just name one of my favourites in life: my friendships. I’ve been fortunate enough to make amazing friends in my life and develop amazing friendships with my family too. My favourite person in the world is a tie between my sister and my best friend, but I value each and every single one of my friends beyond anything else in my life. When I was 12, I lost my close circle of friends for about a year and it was the worst experience of my life so it taught me to really treasure them.

Morrie: Talk about who (outside of your family) has been the most influential person in your life

Definitely my best friend, Sofia. Over past three years she’s not only influenced me but she’s been one of the driving forces that shaped my personality into what it is today.

The Giver: Do you feel like our societies now are headed in the direction (or are already in a state) of a Dystopia

No, I believe the media is playing up the fear factor to make it seem that way but the idea of us heading in the direction of a dystopia is absurd.

Harry Potter: Describe a moment where you felt like you where exactly where you were supposed to be, a moment where you felt on the right path

It wasn’t a moment so much as a small period of time. During my trip to Brittany last week, I got to know the people in the prehistoric archeology lab and it felt fantastic to finally become part of this group, so I’m definitely sure I’m on the right track right now!

Carpe Diem: Tell us about a person/experience that taught you to LIM (live in the moment)

I haven’t had one yet? I get the occasional ‘YOLO’ moments but they tend to go horribly wrong so I’ve learned to be quite reserved as a person.

Well this was a lot of fun to do and just what I needed to get back into blogging, thanks again Beth!

I tag:

Liam @ Hey Ashers!
Mariana @ Book Is Glee
Abby @ The Panda Book Blog
Calliope @ Calliope The Book Goddess


9 thoughts on “The Blogger Behind the Books | Book Tag

  1. Wow you managed to post this tag quickly! But yay for it being what you needed to get back into blogging as well. That’s great about your black belt in karate, you must have been so proud especially after everything else that had gone wrong that day. Also I like your take on the dystopian question. I’ve never thought of it that way but I guess the media can over-exaggerate things at times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Confession: I completely forgot I had other tags/awards to do, which explains why I got to this one immediately. 😛
      That exam day was one of the worst in that regard, my own teacher just couldn’t stop laughing at that whole series of events (can’t blame him since I also laugh about it when I narrate the story now). Media exaggeration is something I’m quite familiar with since it’s pretty much a Greek past time, so I always take what the big media outlets say with a grain of salt,hence my opinion on the dystopia question.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m at least two months behind on my tags! I’ve kept a note of them so (hopefully) I won’t miss any out!
        At least looking back you can laugh about it, that definitely something important. Honestly I’m not normally on top of the news or anything, it’s on in the background when I’m eating my dinner but that’s about it. Granted a lot is probably over exaggerated but some things are just scary. I work in London so hearing about the terror attacks really scares me at times!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have a nice little list of my own tags on my phone in order to keep track of them.
        It all depends on where you are, I think; since London is a rather important city, it makes sense that any news of attacks in neighbouring countries would be taken very seriously (the closer it is, the worst the coverage would be, I imagine), while less important countries aren’t as scary with their news. I don’t even watch the news on tv anymore because I don’t trust the coverage, I much prefer to read up on the big headlines online.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah I have a list in my notebook, however sometimes I just forget to write some of them down!
        I don’t bother watching the news. A lot of the time it is really scary, especially seeing what happens in Europe as well because like you said it is close. London always seems to be at risk from attack. It’s mentioned a lot and people always seem to be aware of it travelling on the trains, even though 7/11 happened ages ago in London people still remember it when travelling on the tube. I think sometimes if you want to be able to actually get on with your life you need to just not let it affect you!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Well said. Honestly speaking, I see why people would take this stance, especially in London or other really important cities, but I wouldn’t encourage it because the government tends to make rash decisions following events like these which the people back up because they’re afraid, and those rarely lead to any good.

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  2. Hey, congrats on your black belt! That’s a great accomplishment–especially having to pass the test while so flustered.

    Falling for the straight friend is so, so awful; I’m sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully the awfulness didn’t upset the friendship?

    Hurray for knowing you’re on the right career path! That’s great. =)

    “I get the occasional ‘YOLO’ moments but they tend to go horribly wrong so I’ve learned to be quite reserved as a person.”

    Ha! Better safe than sorry.

    Thanks for the tag! This’ll be fun. =D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome!
      My favourite part about having my black belt, apart from the pride, is bringing it up in a conversation and seeing the reaction it gets from people because they just end up reevaluating everything they know about me. 😛
      Our friendship is intact, mainly due to the fact that I never said anything about it (this might come back to bite me, but I’ll let future me deal with that).
      Better safe than sorry is my motto in life. I’ve been called a grumpy old grandma for this (amongst other things), which is a description that I fully embrace.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha! It’s good to make sure they take your badassness into account, definitely. 😀

        An intact friendship is good, and hopefully it’ll stay that way. None of this coming-back-to-bite-you stuff.

        I fully support your grumpy grandmahood. *Thumbs up.*

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