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What’s Under the Bed? | HoL Friday

This Friday for Hype or Like Fridays, a meme created by Jill @ Rant and Rave Books, Larkin @ Wonderfilled Reads and Britt @ Geronimo Reads, the subject is pretty much up to each person (and it’s going to be like this all month) as long as it falls within the spooky/creepy theme we have going on this month. I choose to go with the scariest types of monsters I’ve encountered, as suggested by Donna @ Chocolaten Waffles.

The silent killer in Paper Valentine by Brenna Yanoff

Without spoiling too much, appart from the obvious villain and monster in Paper Valentine, there’s also a secondary, much more subtle, kind of monster that hits a lot closer to home. Everything the main character goes up against in this book ranges from worrying to downright terrifying actually, but it’s very well done in a way that doesn’t become too much.

Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James 

I don’t need to explain this choice do I?

The Commandant in An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

There are very few, so very few, characters that are absolutely not redeemable to me and The Commandant pretty much takes the throne in that category. She’s ruthless, violent, terrifying, and one of the best villains I’ve come accross in recent years. I’m slightly disappointed she doesn’t play as prominent a role in A Torch Aginst The Night (even if I understand why) but her actions in the background still give me chills when I think about them.

The Actual Bad Guy in Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Sure The Humdrum, the absence of magic or anything really, is terrifying in itself (and I was torn between that and The Actual Bad Guy (I’m so discreet with trying to avoid spoilers) when writing this up), but having a character become the villain through actions that were supposed to be for the better adds a shade of heartbreak to the story but it also makes it a lot more personal and relatable.

The Higher Level Monsters in This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab 

Everything about them is terrifying, between the evil ones, the scarily calm ones that can explode at a moments notice, and the ones that want nothing more than to be human, Schwab’s monsters had me wary of falling asleep while I was reading the book.

As I’m sure you can tell, I haven’t read all that many horror/thrillers (because I like my sleep thank you very much), but I’ve found that the worst monsters sometimes lurk in the most surprising of places.

What are some monsters you would hate to run into?



8 thoughts on “What’s Under the Bed? | HoL Friday

    1. Absolutely! But I’m also quite partial to the villains that are just purely evil for the hell of it, as long as they’re well written, because it adds a grittiness to the story that doesn’t have to stem from killing off one of my favourite characters

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  1. I still need to finish Carry On. I got annoyed with the HP references and gave up, but I plan to open it back up in November. I love Brenna Yovanoff. I’ve read two of her books so far and that sounds like a good one. I just added it to my TBR. Ha! Christian Grey. 😂 LOL Good one! 🙂

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    1. I’d heard that a lot before reading Carry On, so I read it as fanfiction, rather than its own separate story. I don’t know if that’s going to help you, but I certainly loved it when looking at it from the POV.
      After Paper Valentine, I’ll definitely be looking into her other books. Glad to know they’re just as good!


  2. Yay, I’m happy you chose the scariest monsters idea! 🙂 I’m so intrigued by the silent killer I need to find out more! Christian Grey, hahahaha! No explanation needed! The book itself is a villain for me. My favorite monsters live in psychological stories. I am too much of a wuss to read scary books!

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    1. The entire 50 shades trilogy is a villain, I completely agree with you on that point.
      When I picked this topic, I started out with the idea that I’d use real monsters and then quickly discovered that I hadn’t actually read all that many scary books because, like you, I’m a total wuss. I prefer psychological monsters as well because, apart from being something a lot more realistic, they’re also a lot scarier if you think about it! (And I’m a sucker for complex, layered characters, which these usually are).


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