An Ode to Eyewitness


On this rare Sunday post, I’m here to tell you exactly why you should watch Eyewitness.

(apart from the fact that I need more people to talk about it with because there just aren’t enough)

What is it?

Eyewitness is a new anthology series based off the Norwegian Øyevitne, that follows the unfolding of a crime, and subsequent investigation, in the small town of Tivoli, New York.
Unless you’re a fan of Broadchurch, that alone shouldn’t be enough to lure you in BUT WORRY NOT, THERE IS MORE:

The story

Eyewitness kicks off with Lukas and Philip tentatively going beyond being ‘just friends’, right before they’re rudely interrupted by a bunch of gang members and witness a shooting. The case immediately takes off from there with the boys keeping their involvement a secret, Philip’s foster mom Helen being the sheriff on the case, and the FBI stepping in because the case is a lot more complicated than it seems.

Check out the trailer:

The beautifully complex characters

I’m a characters kind of person, you know this, I know this. I love it when my characters are just layer upon layer of complexity, when the villain isn’t just a villain, or the hero is in fact morally ambiguous; it just gives an extra something to the story that stock characters don’t.
In terms of characters, Eyewitness is everything I could’ve hoped for, if not more.

The main characters

  • Philip: a gay NYC kid placed in the foster system and forced into the small-town mentality where he’s an outsider from the very beginning, then a freak.
  • Lukas: the town’s rich kid who must live up to everyone’s expectations, but comes to the realization that he would throw it all away for Philip.
  • Helen: Helen’s character subverts all the norms because she’s a woman, traumatized and broken, hard on her loved ones, basically everything you’d expect from a male character in this situation, except she’s a woman. At first she comes off as untrusting and just a cop, but there’s so much more to her than that! (Can you tell she’s one of my faves? Cause she is)
  • Gabe: Helen’s husband, he’s the purest of cinnamon rolls. (another fave of mine. You hurt Gabe, I hurt you.)
  • Kamilah Davis: An FBI agent investigating the crime who plays both sides, making friends with Helen and reporting her actions to her boss.
  • Ryan Kane: Being Kamilah’s boss, he’s in charge of the investigation as a whole, which gives the killer a significant advantage. (I’m trying to be as non-spoilery as possible here)

The side characters:

  • Sita: as Kamilah’s sister, she and her son are one of the main reasons Kamilah is playing this dangerous game; but that won’t stop her from trying to provide for her son in her own way
  • Tony: Helen’s deputy, and the series’ comic relief, Tony’s pretty much Helen’s adorably naïve sidekick in this whole thing who thinks that a murder investigation happens just like in the movies.
  • Bo: Lukas’ very conservative father who has clear goals and expectations for his son, ones that decidedly do not involve ‘that big city kid’ Philip.

The relationships

With such an interesting cast, it’s no wonder the relationships in Eyewitness are just as complex.
While my favourite is the one between Philip and Lukas (ship name: Philkas if anyone’s interested) for the pure amount of pining and angst, Helen and Gabe’s relationship is a close second because they’re just So. Good. to each other.
The most interesting thing about how these characters are related to each other is the decidedly not perfect way they’re portrayed, Helen and Gabe have problems, Lukas and Philip are so far from being perfect where do I even begin, Sita and Kamilah are under so much pressure because of the sides they pick (or don’t), nothing is as it first seems.

I’ll be honest, shows like these don’t appeal to me most of the time. I tried watching Broadchurch (twice), then Gracepoint (never made it past ep1), but they just weren’t my cup of tea. Now, Eyewitness on the other hand piqued my attention early on, and now has me on my toes, impatiently waiting for the next episode to air.
(Any show that can make me excited for Mondays is a show at least worth checking out)

Have you watched Eyewitness? Are you planning to? Let me know!




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